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"But every time he holds my hand, I can feel his warmth and my heart beats faster."               - Mei Tachibana

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"Oh, yes, there’s someone I’d like to introduce you to.

Let’s see… Ah, there he is! The Earl Phantomhive!

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Juuzou Suzuya’s Gleeful Rampage | Episode 11

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Combined attack.

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happy birthday, shion.  ✮ (1/4)
"You’ve always been an emotional person. You always choose feeling over reason, and you’re not ashamed to be truthful to your emotions. Four years ago, it was the same. Even when you were a candidate for the elite echelons of No. 6, you still obeyed your emotions and took me in.
— Nezumi to Shion [Volume 3, Chapter 4: ‘A Lie of Truth, A Truth of Fiction’, page 60]

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